To have a baby the sperm plays a vital role. After intercourse with single ejaculation, the male leaves millions of sperms which can help the female have a pregnancy. Though for pregnancy a single sperm is enough if it can enter the female egg and develop as a fetus, for males it is necessary to have a certain sperm count. A better sperm count can lead to better chances of pregnancy and that is why in case of trouble with pregnancy the sperm count of male need to be checked first.

The quality and number of sperm matter a lot when it comes to having the blessing of pregnancy. If one lacks enough numbers he can improve the same with the help of some dietary supplements over a period. These supplements also help one to have the desired sperm count as well as the quality of sperm so that fertility is made possible.

The sperm count:

For pregnancy, the minimum sperm count required in a male is 39m per ejaculation below which the count is considered as low and one cannot have enough probabilities of pregnancy. To enhance the chances of pregnancy male sperm count and quality need to be improved if the same is not as per the minimum requirements. One can go for a few pills and dietary supplements that can help to improve the count and quality of sperm. The experts recommend going for dietary supplements for better and long-lasting results.

The supplements:

Supplements can help one get natural elements that can improve sperm count and quality. Here are some of the most useful dietary supplements that one should go for to have an improvement in the quality and count of sperm.

  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek supplements can offer good improvement in libido, stamina, and fat loss. It also helps one to keep fit and improve testosterone levels. Better testosterone levels can lead to improved mobility and count of sperm.
  • Spinach: To improve the quality of sperm, folic acid is much required. One can find this element in Spinach and other leafy vegetables naturally. The best part of the consumption of such vegetables is they can offer quick results.
  • Banana: To have a better quality of sperm, one must focus on the improvement of sperm cells. One can find vitamin A, C, and B1 in Banana which can improve the quality of cells and lead to better mobility and count of sperm.
  • Walnut: Omega 3 Fatty acid plays a vital role in the formation of healthy sperm. One can easily get the same from walnut. Adding to Omega 3 one can also have protein and healthy fats which are much important for improvement in sperm count and quality.
  • Foods with zinc: For quality and higher production of sperm cells one needs to go for consumption of foods with more elements of zinc. One can go for red meat, beans, and barley to have enough amount of zinc in the body.

With the help of these natural foods, one can easily have a better count and quality of sperm over a period.